How to hold a Fahnenweihe. Includes poems and readings to be done during a Fahnenweihe. In German Source unknown 13 Pages 1. Heimat- oder Festabend 2. Der Tag der Fahnenweihe Programm fuer die Fahnenweihe Festgedicht zur Begruessung
23 children's songs from Bavaria and neighboring areas Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben Der arme Floh I bin a kloana Pumpernickl Handwerkerlied Kloa litzi, kloa leise D' Bäurin hat d' Katz verlorn Die lustige Hasenjagd Kikeriki
Berknappentanz / Bergnappentanz -- "Miners Dance" sheet music and dance instructions. Instructions are in German.
a 25-page booklet with Volkstaenze. Music is included. Instructions for the dance are included; German. Still available from Germany.
This arrangement is based upon a 1970's recording made by Steve Stampf and the Knickerbockers. Accordion Clarinet 1 & 2 Flute Tenorhorn Trombone Trumpet 1& 2 Tuba
Music and dance instructions for the Gauplattler. Music by Steve Stampf; Plattler by Martin A. Hubner.
Gauverband Nordamerika Hat Pin
The "Gauzeitung" is the official publication of the Gauverband Nordamerika. The newsletter is in its 25rd year of publication and is issued 6-8 times a year.
154 Schuhplattler dances with history/origin of the dance, music, and note-by-note instructions for dancing. Published by the Bayerischer Trachtenverband. Compiled by Hans Zapf.
36 Schuhplattler und Volkstaenze in Originalfassung. Musikverlag Dennerlein. Music for Guitar and Accordeon Available for: Akkordeon Bariton in C Bass Blasmusik Fluegelhorn Gitarre Klarinette Klarinette in B 2 Klarinette in Es Posaune Tenorhorn Trompete
22 Volkstaenze und Zwiefache in Originalfassung. Musikverlag Dennerlein. Music for Guitar and Accordeon
25 dances with music and directions. In German.
Trachtlerinnen and Trachtler of Isargau in more than 20 original dances showing the diversity of the Bavarian Schuahplattlns in exclusive footage. This is the first documentary film in the 94-year history of the Isargaus about Schuahplattln
Background on the Schuhplattler and then music and instructions for 26 Schuhplattlers.
65 pieces of music -- Schottisch, Zwiefache, Laendler, Walzer, Polka, Galopp. All from music books of Anderl Schranner (1881-1947).
Written in 1954. The excerpt in the Gau Library is only part 4 covering the Schuhplattler; 9 pages. Descriptions of the dances plus music.
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